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Hot Massage Stone for Therapy

Use the natural massage stone exquisite packing.A fashion way to relax.....
Introduced from Hawaii, America, the stone therapy is highly praised by over 300 SPA centers in America.
Due to the magical functions in improving health and beauty, the stone therapy consequently becomes a very course of every SPA center and beauty salon.

We guarantee you and your clients will be 100% satisfied!

Our basalt stones are all hand-picked for color, texture, smooth surfaces and round edges with highly polished, the highest quality Mother Nature from some of the most beautiful riverbeds in China. They are beautiful and perfect for massage or engraving for gifts.

Offer something new, natural and effective!

HotStone Massage Kit
HotStone Massage Therapy are the 46 stones incorporated into Hot Stone Therapy Massage. This kit includes 46 River Stones, complete instructions on "How To Create A Soothing HotStone Massage Experience", how to heat the stones, placement of the stones on the energy points, special massage techniques, hot stone massage tips, balance body information and 8 ounces of soothing massage oil.These special stones can be used to enhance your treatment or they can be used in a longer, relaxing, spa-style treatment. As stone therapy becomes more and more popular, quality natural massage stones will become more and more rare.


Hot massage stones for therapy



Our hot stone have 10 pieces,18 pieces ,34 pieces,35 pieces,46 pieces and 47 pieces one set .We can also package as your request And During this therapy you benefit by:
1.Deeper Relaxation
2.Continuous Heat Therapy
3.Increased Relief to Stressed Muscles
4.Improved Detoxificatio
The Magnetic Cobblestone walkway is also proven to improve your health.Take a barefoot
walk on a Magnetic Cobblestone Walkway (also known as the Cobblestone Walkway)
for foot reflexology and a great foot massage! Improve balance and circulation while
reducing blood-pressure through daily practice of this simple, low impact exercise.

A set of 46 pure basalt lave stones includes stones of varying sizes from small "toe"stones, which fit nicely between the toes, to extra large "glut" stones. These stones can also be placed in the freezer for an invigorating, icy cold stone massage, perfect for sports massage. Each one of these special stones holds it's temperature in an amazing natural way. Enhance your practice, delight your clients, and treat your own hands to the incredible feeling of stone massage from soothing stone.

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50 Piece Working Stone Set
50 Piece Hot Massage Stone Set
38 Piece Working Stone Set
38 Piece Hot Massage Stone Set
34 Piece Working Stone Set
34 Piece Hot Massage Stone Set
30 Piece Working Stone Set
30 Piece Hot Massage Stone Set

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