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****** Products List ******
1、River Stones
2、Semi-precious Stones
3、 Marble Stones
4、Glass Stones
5、Garden Stones
6、Personalized Rocks
7、Stones Ornament
8、Personalized stepping stones
9、 Pet memorial stones
10、Word&Image Stones
11、Gemstone Carving
12. Massage Stones
13. Marble Candlestick
14.Hot Massage Stones



Engraved River rocks
Chinese Jade Candlestick Holder
Engraved Glass Stones
Engraved Semi-precious Stones Zodiac
Rune Set stone
Marble pocket stones
Garden rocks
Pet memorial stones
Logo river stones
Black river stones
Rose qurtz Heart
Gemstone pendant with engraving 
Cold Massage Stones
Hot Massage Stoneset
Basalt hot massage stone
SPA Massage Stone Heater
New Products (update,2010.05.20)
Marble Mortar & Pestle Set
Marble Mortar & Pestle Set
Marble Mortar & Pestle Set
Marble Mortar & Pestle Set
Marble Mortar & Pestle Set
Marble pestle and mortar
Marble pestle and mortar
Marble pestle and mortar
Marble stone cigar ashtrays
Marble stone cigar ashtrays
Marble stone cigar ashtrays
Marble stone cigar ashtrays
Marble stone cigar ashtrays
Marble Ashtrays
Marble stone cigar ashtrays
Marble Stone Ashtrays
Gemstone Carving Necklace Gemstone Carving Turtle Gemstone Carving Cabrite Gemstone Carving Horse
Black River Rocks Candlestick Jade Candlestick Marble Candlestick Marble Candlestick Holder


Custom Engraved Rocks From Lichuan County Dingshi Electronic Business Ltd

We are from china stone experts artisan for engraved stones gifts since 1987. we are international, with a whole range of engraved stones products to select,such as river stones,rocks,semi-precious stones,garden stones,marble stones,jade stones,glass stones ,metal stones and other natural stones for engraved gifts,now We can engrave any words or images on a beautiful hand picked river rocks or concrete paving brick,also all kinds of stones beads for necklace,bangle and finger ring . You can choose from our large selection of artwork to enhance your customed engraved rocks.

Any thing you can image,we can engrave it

Order your personalized rock and engraved rock right here at our website.

About our custom engraved river rocks

Our stones are all hand-picked for color, texture, smooth surfaces and round edges, the highest quality Mother Nature from some of the most beautiful riverbeds in Nanjing City China. They are beautiful and perfect for engraving. Our engraving department is made up of incredibly talented stone engravers, and each person has expertly trained designers and engravers use the best tools available to ensure the highest quality engravings and your complete satisfaction.Our engraved stones are the perfect addition to your business,These beautiful, hand-crafted gifts are bestsellers in gift shops for Mother's Day, Father's Day,Valentine's Day, weddings, birthday gifts, graduation gifts and also wonderfully as personalized gifts.

Stone Types for engraving:

Four Stone Types

River Stones River Stone
(1.5"-2.5") , (2"-3") (3.5"-5.5")
River stones are natural and highly polished and hand-picked for color.They are perfect for personalized rocks and Koi ponds .these beautiful stones come in a variety of colors direct from Mother Nature:Black, white, brown,red,yellow,green and mix-colors.
semiprecious stones Tumble Semi- Precious Stone
(1.5"-2.5") , (2"-3") (3.5"-5.5")

Semi-precious stones are highly polished stones, each one-of-a-kind and brilliantly colored. The vigorous polishing brings out veins, multicolors and the unique singularities in every stone.

Some semi-precious stones in stock: green goldstone,brown goldstone,carnelian ,opalite,hodolite,snowflake  obsidian,sodalite, tiger eye, white howlite,green aventurine, butter jade,cherry quartz, dalmation jasper,fluorite ,picture jasper,red jasper,red aventurine, rose quartz,white jade,unakite, blue aventurine,green goldstone

marble stones Marble Stone
(1.5"-2.5") , (2"-3") (3.5"-5.5")
Marble stones are cutted to shape and polished, come in natural marble stones,they can be cutted into any shapes and sizes.
glass stones Glass Stone (0.5"-1.5") Glass Stones are all artificial stones,they can be made into any shapes and sizes. more information click here



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Dongxin Electronic business park Lichuan Fuzhou Jiangxi China 344600

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